National PPE Coalition

Leadership response to the urgent shortages of Personal Protective Equipment

Many people across the nation are stepping up to solve the crisis that is afflicting our heroic frontline health workers. We are distributors and hospitals, manufacturers and doctors, teams matchmaking between hospitals and suppliers, 3D printers, grassroots efforts to find unused or novel sources of supply, and importers from global supply chains.

Our members are committed to leading the way out of the crisis. This site is designed to bring awareness to the efforts underway and to help donors, volunteers, policymakers and providers connect to the right initiative.

Did we miss something? Please let us know. This site is still in beta. Feedback is welcome.

If you have an an urgent need, please call our hotline and we will connect you with the relevant group or agency.



Connecting the Marketplace

In the absence of clear ways for those in need to find legitimate and high quality suppliers around the world, several organizations are working to architect effective marketplaces.

New Supply Sourcing

As demand has surged, existing supply chains have not been able to keep up. To fill the gap, these coalition members are working around the clock to find new supply sources.

Philanthropic Conveners

Philanthropies and non-profits have stepped up to help fight the spread of COVID-19 by bringing their resources & networks to the table to secure the supply that our healthcare workers need.


It’s more important than ever to ensure that we are consuming and distributing factual information. There’s an endless amount of ill-informed tips out there, but there are also some amazing data-driven resources to learn about what’s going on.